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Euro Threads

Eurothreads, also known as PDO threads are dissolvable threads that are placed under the skin to achieve lifting of the cheeks jowls, and neck bands. These threads are the same material being used in surgical procedures for over 30 years and are FDA approved for lifting, correcting and volumizing the face and body where loss of elastin and collagen contribute to the aging process.

The procedure is performed by a trained nurse or physician and takes approximately one and half hours depending on the number of threads used. Typically, there is minimal bruising and swelling but most clients can return to work the next day. Results improve over the next 8 weeks and last for approximately 2 years. These threads may be accompanied with regular fillers and Botox should one choose to maintain a more youthful appearance and yet look natural at the same time. Consultation is required and before and after pictures will be taken. 

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