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    Micro needling produces amazing results! The process uses the bodies healing response to activate cellular regeneration, stimulate collagen and tighten skin. It also diminishes skin imperfections such as:  fine lines, large pores, acne scars, stretch marks and body scars. 

    Our first priority is to make sure our clients are comfortable. Numbing cream ensures a very tolerable procedure that feels like a vibration. The Medical grade microneedling pen allows adjustment of the treatment to be as aggressive as you desire, for the results that you want. Sterile, single use cartridges have dozens of very fine needles to create tiny injuries to the skin. This controlled injury stimulates the skin to produce new collagen as a healing response. As the collagen matures and shrinks it causes a natural tightening and lifting of the skin; remodeling tissue to a healthier and younger state. This procedure is safe for all skin types. There are no potential side effects, and minimal to no down time.

    Microneedling can be performed with a topical Hyaluronic gel moisturizer for easy glide across the skin, a Vitamin C solution or with the patients own Platelet Rich Plasma.


    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, PRF, or also known as the “Vampire Facial” has been shown to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

     The patient’s blood is drawn and spun using a centrifuge, to separate the platelets and plasma from the other blood cells. The platelet rich plasma can be applied over the surface of the skin, penetrating deeply into the microchannels created by the microneedling process.

     The solution can also be injected into trouble areas; such as scars, nasal folds, corners of the mouth, lip lines, decollate’, neck lines, under the eyes, or anywhere rejuvenation is desired. This allows rejuvenation of the tissue at a deeper level, improving micro circulation, improving the quality of the skin thus decreasing dark circles under the eyes, and mild revolumizing.

    The natural benefit of using your own plasma, virtually eliminates allergic reactions, and makes this a great anti-aging treatment for everyone.

    Results can be seen within the first week, with full effects six weeks after the treatment.

    We recommend a series of 3 to 5 treatments for the best results.


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