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    The Euro Thread lift is a non-surgical face-lift/neck lift that leaves minimal swelling and requires no downtime. This revolutionary treatment has been used extensively for skin tightening, filling, and lifting in Europe and the East for many years, and is only recently available in the US.

    These threads can be used in virtually any part of the body where lifting is desired. Face, Neck, Chin, Décolleté, Breast, Butt, Thigh, Saddlebags, and Love Handles are just some of the areas treated with the thread procedure. The applications are limited just by one’s imagination.

    During the procedure, multistrand threads are injected beneath the surface of the skin using thin, acupuncture-like needles. Once placed, these threads act as a scaffold, lifting loose and sagging skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen and providing a framework for the collagen to attach to.

    As the threads are dissolvable, they will last for 4-6 months, but because your collagen production is constantly being stimulated, the lifting and smoothing effect of the thread lasts for 1-2 years. In addition, the threads relax your facial muscles, which mean you get a similar effect to anti-wrinkle injections. Swelling and redness are very rare side effects. Bruising is possible, albeit very rare. This is usually a zero downtime procedure. It can also be done at the same time as Botox and fillers, if needed.

    The PDO (Polydioxanone) substance the threads are made of is a material increasingly used in general surgery, vascular, and cardiac surgery for various sutures. Thus, these threads are listed as a class IV medical device which is safe, fully absorbent, and hypoallergenic. The sutures are also heavy metal free, non-allergenic, doesn’t trigger immunogenicity mechanisms, has no significant side effects, and
    inflammatory reactions are very low.

    The cost of the treatment is dependent on the number of threads inserted, which will in turn depend on the area being treated, and the severity of the lift needed. Patients can opt to treat one area at a time, making customized procedures more affordable.