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Z.O. Firming Serum

Aging getting you down? Elevate your skincare with the power of science and give yourself a lift. As we age, our production of collagen and elasticity slows causing our skin to lose contour and shape. Aging causes structural strain between our layers of skin which contributes to dullness, loose skin, sagging and other visible signs of aging. Thanks to Z.O. Skin Health we now have a comprehensive solution that is designed for both moderate to severe signs of aging.

Introducing Z.O. Firming Serum, an advanced bioactive serum formula that is clinically proven and designed to visibly tighten and firm the skin.  By supporting the structural integrity of the skin, Z.O. Firming Serum improves the appearance of sagging and skin laxity, ultimately addressing a more defined facial contour. It is through stabilizing and reinforcing the skin’s structure that allows for promoted nutrient flow and results in skin that is more lifted, firm, tight and healthy. 

In clinical studies, 97% of participants showed significant improvement in skin firmness by week 12 and 86% of participants said that skin felt healthier by only week 8. 

This innovated firming serum pairs perfectly with our featured non-surgical “Lifting” treatments including PDO Threads, Micro-current Facials, Fibroblast Plasma Pen, and a Restylane Liquid face Lyft. If you would like to learn more about the corrective and preventative benefits of Z.O firming serum, we invite you to meet with one of our Z.O. experts for a complimentary skincare consultation. Our team at Reflection’s love’s all things Z.O. and we know you will too.

By Taevia Boden L.E.

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