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As we age, our body’s biological current and chemical energy slow down, cellular renewal takes longer and skin cells stop performing efficiently.  This process leads to loss of tone, reduced elasticity, less firmness, more fine lines, wrinkles and sagging…all signs of aging skin. 

What is Micro-Current? Micro-Current triggers an impulse that activates ATP. ATP is a high-energy molecule found in every cell.  Its job is to store and supply the cell with needed energy. Micro-Current activates ATP with-in the cell to lift, tighten and re-energize the muscle.  It physically firms and tones the skin through muscle re-education.  

How many treatments are needed and how long will it last?  One session lasts for about four to seven days. As a result, some clients choose to do a treatment before an important event.  However, the muscles will return to where they were if a suggested treatment plan is not followed. Micro-Current builds upon itself.  It’s similar to working out at the gym. You can’t expect one gym workout to tone you for the summer. It’s the progression and commitment that get you the desired results.

The Treatment Plan:  Commit to 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks. You will start a maintenance plan of 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks after your initial weekly treatments. A session consists of 45 minutes of a results driven and targeted Micro-Current treatment.  You will be scheduled for an hour to allow time for cleansing and post treatment product application.

COMMITMENT is KEY…We know our skin didn’t age overnight so we can’t expect it to reverse damage and completely tighten in one treatment.

What is the SKINVESTMENT? 

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By: Teresa Sherrod

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